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Since this pandemic has started there are many changes to the lifestyle of humans. They are forced to stay away from each other just for their own safety purpose. But we have to earn some living to get some bread and butter.

In this regard, Work from home is the thing adopted by most businesses or companies. By this Work from the Home thing, many of our normal routines are disturbed which include getting ready for the office and traveling there.

The environment greatly affects the phycology of the person as well as his mind. So, a working environment must be created at home to work efficiently. It is very important for some people to look elegant at Work from home so that they stay motivated while doing their job.

As far as Shoes are concerned, it is as important as clothes. Mostly we have to work 5 days a week so here are 5 days’ footwear style ideas for you so can keep it going with your Work from Home.


Monday: Lazy Morning

Monday is the first day after a weekend and a man is usually lazy. Let’s get it easy for you by wearing casual loungewear for this day. You can just relax and make yourself comfortable. You will be prepared for the coming busy week. It’s really nice to wear a comfortable shirt and comfy shoes which can help you relax. Adidas is famous for providing comfort to the customers. Here I would recommend you to try the most comfortable Slipper shoes for men and women.








Tuesday: Get Creative

The weekend is over and now its time to get back on the track so be creative and let’s get it going. What’s good? The whole week is coming to get things done. Make yourself energetic by doing some workout and for this purpose, you might need some shoes. Maybe, shoes for men or women. Here I would recommend you to put on a T-shirt and sports shoes so you can move on. A nice pair of joggers will be perfect for footwear. There are many other options for shoes for boys and girls but I’d go with this. You can get a buying guide of branded shoes like Nike, Adidas for FREE on shoestoe.com







Brands like Nike, Adidas are very famous for making one of the best running shoes in the world. So if you choose any of these, they’ll be comfortable too.

Wednesday: Formal work

Almost half the weekend has passed and now it’s time to get back onto a routine. You might have ZOOM calls today? Or a presentation? So, let’s get formal. It is nice to wear a formal dress pant and shirt along with formal shoes for men or shoes for women. For a different more formal look you have a look at these formal office shoes. You can find a large range of these shoes on Amazon or other online marketplaces. Early we talk about famous running shoe brands but unfortunately, they are not making formal shoes whether for men or women.






Thursday: Style at personal

This is the day to stay on your top. You can dress well or wear one of your favorite clothes and shoes. This will help you feel confident and can boost you up in your work. Also, things are getting done which you planned earlier so you feel self-established. The shoe I’d recommend you are the stylish shoes for boys and girls. Shoestoe.com is offering a huge range of shoes. K-swiss is one of the famous brands that is making sneakers. To expand their business, the best running shoes making companies are also getting into this.

Friday: Time to windup

After a week-long hectic work, it is time to wind up the things and get those things done which are not yet completed as per plan. This day you can wear easy to wear clothes and shoes which help you relax and also energize you to get things done. Try a nice Cotton shirt and Sandals for a nice look. Nike and ASICS also make sandals that are up to the mark but they have to take care of their customers in summer so they get into this parallel to their identity of Best running shoemakers.









The above given are some trendy and nice ideas for your daily fashion ideas during this Work from the Home scenario. You can get more of that and comfortable shoe here at your device. The above-mentioned brands are also offering their services online so you can check that out and for those people who don’t have enough knowledge about shoes or stuff they can check out the blog section of different sites. Shoestoe.com is one of them which can give you a complete buying guide for different occasions.





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